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Whether you’re mounting up your small business or building a trademark from scratch, we’ve got everything you need to be at the top of your stair.  is the world’s only easiest, simplest and cheapest freelancing market place where both buyer and seller can easily communicate endlessly.

Welcome to , lovefiverr is an online freelancing marketplace platform for services performed by global customers.

The following terms and conditions (these “terms of service”), govern your access to and use of our  web site, as well as any content, feasibility and services offered on or through our website (the “site”)

Please browse the terms of service precisely before you begin to use the positioning. By dealing the site, account or by clicking to simply accept or comply with the TOS.

As soon as this selection is created offered to you, you settle for and comply with, be sure and abide by these TOS and confidentiality of our policy, found here, incorporated herein by reference.

If you are doing not wish to comply with these TOS or the concealment strategy, you should not to access or use lovefiverr if you are disagreeing of our TOS. For further explained policies encompassing the activity and usage on the positioning, please access the selected articles herein.

This website is obtainable and offered to user’s area unit who are not under age of thirteen years older or older. If you’re beneath thirteen you will not use this website or the lovefiverr facilities.

By mistreatment this website, you represent and warrant that you simply area unit of majority to create a binding contract and meet all of the preceding eligibility needs.

If you are doing not meet all of those needs, you should not access or use the positioning.
Our client support team is accessible 24/7 if you have got any queries concerning the positioning or TOS. Contacting our client support team will be performed by submitting asking here.

Key standings

Gigs area unit facilities presented on lovefiverr.

Vendor’s area customers who provide and accomplish facilities through gigs on lovefiverr.

Buyer’s area customers who consumption facilities on lovefiverr.

Gig page is wherever the vendor will describe their gig and also the gig’s standings and also the procurer should buy the gig and make an order.

Gig add-ons areas are extra facilities offered on prime of the vendor’s gig for a further value outlined by the merchant.

Gig multiples are unit further quantities of distinctive orders from the seller’s gig.

Gig bundles permit vendors to supply facilities in numerous formats and costs.

Packages will embody upgrades, that lets vendors value their service for a basic value of over $5.

Custom compromises are piece elite bids that a merchant will produce in reply to specific necessities of a purchaser.

Custom orders are unit demands created by a purchaser to receive a custom provide from a merchant.

Orders are the prescribed treaty between a purchaser and merchant on one occasion a sale was made of the seller’s gig page.

Order page is wherever client’s associate degreed vendors communicate with one another in allusion to an ordered gig.

Disputes are disagreements experienced during an order between a buyer and seller on lovefiverr.

Revenue is the money venders earn from completed orders.

Disputes are incongruities tough throughout an order between a purchaser and merchant on lovefiverr.

Revenue is that the cash merchants earn from accomplished remits.

Sales balance is cleared incomes from accomplished remits for venders to withdraw or use to buy gigs.
Shopping balance is looking credit composed from off orders or lovefiverr promotions to be used for buying gigs.

Overview (Key positions, Husk)

  • Only listed consumers might get and trade on lovefiverr . Registration is free.
  • Gigs on lovefiverr are also offered at a base beginning value of $5. Some gigs square measure accessible at a base value of quite $5 as strong-minded by the vendor.
  • Buyers pay lovefiverr prior to makean
  • Orders are purchased through the order button found on a vendor’s gig page or concluded a custom provide.
  • Vendors should satisfy their orders, and should not terminate orders on a daily basis or while not terminating orders can have an effect on vendors’ name and standing.
  • Vendors gain account statuses (levels) supported their performance and name. Advanced levels offer their house owners with edges, together with giving services for higher costs through gig extras, or marketing their gig in multiples.
  • Users might not provide or settle for payments exploitation any methodology aside from putting an order through .
  • Purchasers are approved all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise suchby the vendor on their gig page.
  • Note: some gigs value extra payments (through gig extras) for business use license. See our “ownership” and “commercial use license” sections below for supplementary info.
  • lovefiverr preserves the property use of all revealed delivered works for lovefiverr promoting and campaign purposes.
  • We care regarding your concealment. You’ll be able to browse our confidentiality strategy here. The privacy policy may be a part of these terms of service and incorporated herein by reference.


  • Vendors produce gigs on lovefiverr to permit consumers to purchase their services.
  • Vendors may provide custom offers to consumers furthermore to their gigs.
  • Each order you retail and with success complete, recognizes your account with web revenue of 20% of the acquisition quantity.
  • Lovefiverr recognizes vender’s once associate order is finished. See our “remits” section below for a definition of a completed order.
  • If associate order is off (for any reason), the funds paid are going to be refunded to the buyer’s looking
  • Revenues area unitsolely created out there for withdrawal from the revenue page following a security clearance amount of 14 days when the order is marked as complete. Principal rated venders and professional vendor’s area unit eligible to withdraw revenue following a security clearance amount of seven days when the order is marked as complete.
  • Vendors might not promote their gigs or any lovefiverr content via the ad words platform.
  • Venders might withdraw their returns mistreatment one among lovefiverr’s withdrawal choices.
  • The seller’s rating is calculated supported the order reviews announce by consumers. High ratings permit merchants to get advanced seller levels (see levels below).
  • For security issues, lovefiverr might quickly disable a seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to stop dishonest or illicit activity. This might return as results of security problems, inappropriate behavior according by consumers, or relating several lovefiverr accounts to one withdrawal supplier.

Vendors square measure allowed to post a get quantity of active gigs braced their level standing.

  • 10 gigs for vendors while nota level standing.
  • 20 gigs for level one
  • 30 gigs for level two
  • 40 gigs for highrated sellers.
  • Gigs created on Halal hire square measure user generated content.
  • Gigs could also be removed by lovefiverr for violations to those TOS, which can embody (but aren’t restricted to) the subsequent violations and/or materials:
  1. Illegal or dishonest services
  2. Copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and violation of a 3rdparty’s
  3. TOS rumoredthrough our belongings privileges plan found here
  4. Adult destinedservices, sexy, unfitting/indecent
  5. Deliberate replicas of gigs
  6. Spam, nonsense, or violent gigs
  7. Gigs dishonorableto patrons
  8. Reselling of measured product
  9. Services that stretchon the far side thirty days of service length
  10. Gigs that square measureremoved for violations mentioned on top of, might lead to the suspension of the seller’s account.
  11. Gigs that square measureremoved for violations aren’t eligible to be rehabilitated or emended.
  12. Gigs could also befar from our search feature as a result of poor performance and/or user misconduct.
  13. Gigs might embody pre-approved web site urls contained at intervals the gig description and necessities Gigs containing websites supporting content, that violates lovefiverr’s terms of service, are going to be removed.
  14. Gigs square measure needed to possess associate in applicable gig image associated with the service offered. Associate in choice to transfer 2 further gig pictures square measure out there to all or any
  15. Gigs might contain associate in approved gig video uploaded through the gig organization tools out there on lovefiverr.
  16. A statement on the gig page that undermines or circumvents these TOS is prohibited.
  17. Eligible gigs and venders might value their gigs at a base value on the far side $5. Base costs on gigs will be set to $5, $25, $50, and $100.
  18. Eligible gigs in choose classes might found out gig packages to supply their services in regulated designs with numerous value points for the chosen

Gig extras

  • Gig extras arefurther services offered on prime of the vendor’s gig for an extra value outlined by the marketer.
  • Gig extras could also be removed for violations of our terms of service. For specific terms, please see the gigs section higher than for an inventory of services that violate our terms of service. Gigs are subject to be removed owing to violations found in gig extras.
  • The quantity of gig extras, which might be offered, and therefore the value for every gig further, is predicated on your marketer  alot of info close your accounts eligibility for gig extras is found here.
  • Services offered through gig extras should be associated with the bottom facility and a part of the deliverables on the order.
  • Gig extras could cowl totally different classes of services that ar parts to a better quality provided service.
  • Sellers have the choice to increase the length of associate order for every gig further that’s accessorial to the order. This is often to hide the time mandatory to complete the additional


lovefiverr is all concerning serving to sellers leverage their skills. We have a tendency to request to empower high performing sellers with useful tools to grow their business. Sellers who invest in self-promotion could accomplish bigger client gratification. And, if they deliver on time and maintain prime quality and ratings, lovefiverr could reward them with new statuses, special opportunities, benefits, and tools that accompany it.

  • lovefiverr sellers will gain account levels supported their activity, performance and name. The advancement criteria are found here.
  • Advancement in levels is updated sporadically by an automatic
  • The current levels a vendor can do, level 1, 2, and high
  • Sellers who cannot maintain their prime quality service, expertise a severe come by ratings, or stop delivering on time risk losing their vendor standing and also the advantages that accompany As an example, late deliveries, warnings to the vendor’s account and will collations can cause a seller to maneuver to a special level.
  • Advanced levels offer their homeowners with extra advantages, together with providing gigs for higher costs through gig extras, or commercialism their gig in multiples.

Top rated sellers

  • Top rated sellers area unit chosen manually by lovefiverr  editors through step by step in progress review method supported supremacy, volume of sales, extra ordinarily high ratings, exceptional client care, high order completion rate and community leadership. High rated sellers gain access to a lot of in depth options than previous levels, together with exclusive access to beta options and personage
  • Top rated eligibility is consistently evaluated by lovefiverr to confirm that the standard standards and expectations of the highest rated choice are unbroken. High rated sellers, who cannot maintain their top quality service through severe call ratings, stop delivering on time, exaggerated cancellation rate or violate our terms of service risk losing their high rated standing and also the edges that escort

Pro sellers

  • Pro sellers area unitpre-verified professionals United Nations agency endure a vetting method by lovefiverr editors.
  • Applying for lovefiverr  professional is hospitable everyone: skilled freelancers united nations agency area unit new lovefiverr , similarly as existing  lovefiverr
  • Pro traffickers eligibility is continually evaluated by lovefiverr to confirm that the standard standards.
  • professional seller choice are unbroken. Professional sellers United Nations agency cannot maintain their prime quality service through a severe come by ratings, stop delivering on time, accrued cancellation rate or violate our terms of service risk losing their professional standing and therefore the edges that go together withSeller options
    lovefiverr sellers have access to many exclusive options that facilitate customize the means their services is offered.Custom provide
  • Sellers may send custom offers addressing specific necessities of a vendor.
  • Custom offers area unitoutlined by the vendor with the precise description of the facility, the value and therefore the time estimated to deliver the facility.
  • Custom offers area unitsent from the speech
  • Facilities provided through custom offers might not interrupt lovefiverr’s TOS.

Lovefiverr anyplace

  • Lovefiverr anyplace could be afeature that permits sellers to send custom offers outside of lovefiverr.
  • Services offered through lovefiverr anyplace should accommodate our terms of service.
  • Users accessing and buying from a lovefiverr anyplace provide that aren’t already members of lovefiverr, are needed to register with lovefiverr to form associate
  • Seller’s area unitneeded to deliver evidence of completion of facilities within the order page. Please see our guidelines section for more
  • Communication for handling orders ought tobe performed on lovefiverr, through the order page. Users have interaction and communicate off of lovefiverr won’t be sheltered by our TOS

Shipping physical deliverables
Some of the services on Halal hire are delivered physically (arts and crafts,   collectable things, etc.). For these sorts’ of gigs, sellers could attempt to add shipping charges. Sellers will add shipping charges for native shipping (within constant country) and for international shipping (anywhere else).

  • Gigs that embody shipping prices should have physical deliverables sent to patrons.
  • Shipping pricesadditional to a gig solely pertains to the value sellers need to ship physical things to patrons.
  • Important: Patron’sworld health organization purchase gigs that need physical delivery are going to be asked to produce a shipping address.
  • Sellers are answerable for all shipping arrangements once the customer provides the shipping address.
  • Lovefiverr doesn’t handle or guarantee shipping, tracking, quality, and condition of thingsor their delivery and shall not be accountable or responsible for any damages or alternative issues ensuing from shipping.
  • A chaserange may be a good way to avoid disputes associated with We have a tendency to need getting into the chase range if accessible within the order page once delivering your work.

Printing services

  • some of the services on lovefiverr will bewritten and physically delivered (business cards, canvas/poster prints, t-shirts, flyers, stationery, etc.). Not out there at the instant.
  • Significant: Buyers,who use the printing services that need physical transport, are asked to produce a shipping address.
  • printing services square measurebattery-powered by vista print and subject to vista print terms of use, who shall be liable for packing shipping, tracking, quality, and condition of things or their delivery. lovefiverr doesn’t handle or guarantee delivery, tracing, superiority, and condition of things or their distribution and shall not be accountable or to blame for any damages or alternative issues ensuing from shipping. Users will contact lovefiverr’s client support department for help
  • You will use the printing services for delivered work, to that you own very well, title, and interest. Such delivered work should not contain any denigrator or otherwise ineligible content, and doesn’t really or doubtless infringe or embezzle the copyright, trademark, or proprietary or property right of anyone. You’ll be able to report any claims of infringement or trademark infringement in accordance with our property claims procedures which will be reviewed here.
  • Upon completion of a printing order, emptorcan receive a confirmation email containing a printing order id also because the specific details of the printing order.
  • by victimization the printing services you here with grant to lovefiverr  and vista print, a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free sub-license to edit, modify, adapt, translate, exhibit, publish, transmit, copy, prepare spinoff works from, distribute, perform, show and use any delivered add order to perform the printing services.
  • Users willcontact lovefiverr’s client support department for help

Withdrawing revenues

  • To withdraw your revenue, you want tohave an account with a minimum of one amongst lovefiverr’s withdrawal strategies.
  • Your lovefiverr profile will berelated to just one account from every lovefiverr withdrawal strategies. A withdrawal supplier account will be related to just one lovefiverr profile.
  • Revenues area unitsolely created offered for withdrawal from the revenue page following a security clearance amount of fourteen days when the order is marked as complete. Prime rated seller’s area unit eligible to withdraw revenue following a security clearance amount of seven days when the order is marked as complete.
  • To withdraw your offere revenue, you want to click on the selected withdrawal supplier to initiate the withdrawal method
  • Withdrawals willsolely be created within the quantity offered to you.
  • Withdrawal fees vary counting onthe birth prevention.
  • Withdrawals area unitfinal and can’t be undone. We are going to not be able to refund or amendment this method once it’s

Withdrawal methods

Method Fee Service availability
Draw to your paypal account 2% of the sum drawing amount up to $1*  
lovefiverr  revenue card™ $1* within 2 days, or $3 within 2 hours.
For more information, see
Local bank transfer (lbt) $3 per transfer*.
For more information, see
Direct deposit (ach) $1 per transfer.
For more information, see
Us only

* Additional fees may apply based on your location, currency and the payment gateway are using by customer.



  • You might notsupply direct payments to seller’s exploitation payment systems outside of the lovefiverr order system.
  • lovefiverr retains the correct to use all in public revealed delivered works for lovefiverr selling and promotional functions.
  • Buyers might request a selected service from the post a call for participation feature found from the searching Services requested on lovefiverr should be an allowed service on lovefiverr. Please click for tips on approved services.
  • Buyers pay lovefiverr to makean order from a seller’s gig page or custom supply, exploitation the order currently
  • In addition patronswill request a custom order that addresses specific customer needs, and receive a custom supply from sellers through the positioning or through lovefiverr anyplace.
  • Gigs could also bepurchased exploitation one among the subsequent payment methods: MasterCard, PayPal or lovefiverr credit.
  • Processing fees areadditional at the time of purchase wherever a customer will review and settle for the overall quantity requested to pay. These fees cowl payment process and body As of Gregorian calendar month 2017, the present fees assessed to the overall purchase quantity are $1, on purchases up to $20  on purchases on top of $20. Once getting from your seller’s balance (i.e. out of your attained revenues) or buyer’s searching balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you may not be charged a process fee. Funds came to your balance from off orders won’t embody process fees paid.
  • If you have gotfunds in your account balance, either from your searching or offered revenue balance, it’ll be mechanically applied to your next purchase.
  • You might notsupply sellers to pay, or build payment exploitation any methodology apart from through the lovefiverr .com site. Just in case you have got been asked to use another payment methodology, please report it straightaway to client support
  • To shieldagainst fraud, unauthorized transactions (such as cash laundering), claims or alternative liabilities, we have a tendency to don’t collect credit data; however enable our payment vendors to gather information for the aim of aggregation payments from patrons on the positioning or transferring payments to sellers on the positioning. We have a tendency to don’t seem to be exposed to the payment data provided to our payment vendors, and this data is subject applicable to the payment trafficker.



  • Once payment is confirmed, your order is going to be created .
  • Sellers shoulddeliver completed files and/or proof of labor exploitation the deliver work button (located on the order page) in keeping with the service that was purchased and publicized on their gig.
  • Using the deliver work button might notbe abused by sellers to bypass order pointers represented during this terms of service.
  • Exploitation the “deliver work” button once associate degree order wasn’t consummated could lead to a cancellation of that order when review, have an effect on the merchandiser’s rating and lead to a warning to seller.
  • An order is marked as complete whenthe order is marked as delivered and so rated by a client.  Orders are going to be mechanically marked as complete if not rated and no request for modification was submitted inside three days when marked as delivered.
  • We encourage our patronsand sellers to do and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails when exploitation the resolution center or if you encounter non-permitted usage on the positioning, users will contact lovefiverr’s client support department for helpHandling orders
  • When a clientorders a gig, the vendor is notified by email in addition as notifications on the positioning whereas logged into the account.
  • Sellers areneeded to fulfill the delivery time they mere once making their gigs. Failing to try associate degreed do therefore can enable the customer to cancel the order once an order is marked as late and will hurt the seller’s standing.
  • Sellers shouldsend completed files and/or proof of labor exploitation the deliver completed work button (located on the order page) to mark the order as delivered.
  • Users arechargeable for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. Lovefiverr won’t be control chargeable for any damages which could occur attributable to website usage, use of content or files transferred.
  • A merchandisercould cancel associate degree order while not the buyer’s consent at any given moment (force cancellation). However, this may have a negative impact on the seller’s standing.
  • Buyers could use the “request revisions” feature situated on the order page whereas associate degree order is marked as delivered if the delivered materials don’t match the vendor explanation on their gig page or they are doing not match the necessities sent to the seller at the start of the order method.


  • Feedback reviews provided by patronswhereas finishing associate order square measure a vital a part of Halal lovefiverr’s classification system. Reviews demonstrate the buyer’s overall expertise with the sellers and their service. Patrons square measure inspired to speak to the vendor any considerations practiced throughout their active order with reference to the service provided by the vendor.
  • Leaving a client’s feedback may be abasic right of a buyer. Feedback reviews won’t be removed unless there square measure clear violations to our terms of service.
  • To forestallany misuse of our feedback system, all feedback reviews should return from legitimate sales dead solely through the lovefiverr platform from users among our community. Purchases organized, determined to by artificial means enhance vender ratings, or to abuse the lovefiverr platform with purchases from extra accounts, can lead to a permanent suspension of all connected
  • Feedback comments given by patron’ssquare measure in public displayed on a seller’s gig page. Patrons have the choice to not embrace a comment, however still rate the service. Cancellation of associate order doesn’t take away feedback unless reciprocally united.
  • Work samples square measurethe delivered pictures and videos sent to a client in an exceedingly delivery message. Work samples square measure additional to a seller’s live portfolio on their gig page if the client chooses to publish the work sample whereas providing a public feedback review.
  • Withholding the delivery of services, files, or infoneeded to finish the gig’s service with the intent to realize favorable reviews or extra services is prohibited.
  • Responding and posting a review: once work is delivered, the clienthas 3 days to reply and post a review (or fourteen days for gigs with shipping). If no response is provided among the response amount, the order is going to be thought-about
  • User’s square measureallowed departing reviews on orders up to thirty days once associate order is marked as complete. No new reviews could also be additional to associate order once thirty
  • Sellers might notsolicit the removal of feedback reviews from their patrons through mutual cancellations.

Disputes and cancellations
we encourage our consumers and sellers to do and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails when mistreatment the resolution center or if you encounter non-permitted usage on the positioning, users will contact lovefiverr’s client support department for help here.

  • Order cancellations are performed on lovefiverr, once eligible, by client support or through the resolution center per order.
  • Filing a group action dispute or reversing a payment through your payment supplier or your bank could be violation to those terms of service. Doing thus could get your account briefly disabled to analyze attainable security violations. Note: once you’ve got filed a dispute along with your payment supplier, the funds are ineligible for a refund owing to our obligations towards the payment supplier.
  • In the event that a purchaseror merchant encounters a problem associated with the service provided in associate order, you’re inspired to use the site’s dispute resolution tools to aim to resolve the matter.
  • Lovefiverr reserves the correctto cancel orders or place funds on hold for any suspected deceitful transactions created on the positioning.
  • All transfer and assignment of holdingto the client shall be subject to full payment for the gig and also the delivery might not be used if payment is off for any reason.
  • If associateorder is off (for any reason), the funds paid are refunded to the buyer’s searching
  • Revisions to deliveries isperformed by sellers supported the seller’s gig and client Sellers could verify the quantity of revisions offered to consumers, as well as no revisions.
  • Requests for revisions areperformed through the order page whereas the order is marked as delivered.
  • Requesting to achievea lot of services from sellers on the far side the in agreement necessities by mistreatment the request revisions button isn’t

Order cancellations

  • Lovefiverr  encourages patronsand sellers to resolve service disputes reciprocally exploitation the resolution center.
  • eligibility for requests to lovefiverr to cancel an order are going to be assessed by our client support team supported variety of things, as well as violations to our terms of service, general misconduct, and improper usage of the lovefiverr  delivery system. See below for order specific eligibility.
  • Completed orders are alsooff, upon review of our client support team, up to fourteen days once the order is marked as complete.
  • Orders don’t seem to be eligible to be off supported the standard of service/materials delivered by the vendor if the service was rendered as delineated within the gig page. Patrons could rate their expertise with the vendor on the order page, as well as the general level of service quality received.
  • Buyers should use love  resolution center to handle their issues and desired resolution associated with the service provided by their marketer before contacting client Client support won’t take any action against orders wherever the patrons did not inform their marketer of problems associated with the seller’s service and can enable sellers to produce a resolution initial. This doesn’t embrace non-permitted usage of lovefiverr.
  • Any non-permitted usage of lovefiverr encountered throughout an order, once being reviewed by our client support team, could end in the order being off. This includes, however not restricted to; harassment, unlawful behavior, or alternative violations to Halal hire’s terms of service.

Lovefiverr  client support cancancel orders supported, however not restricted to, the

Subsequent reasons:

  1. Active orders (after the client submits their necessities and before the vendor delivers on lovefiverr)
  2. The venderis late and unresponsive for quite twenty four hours whereas the order is marked as late.
  3. User’s area unitabusive towards the opposite party through threats of low ratings or investment order materials (such as logins, personal information) against one another.
  4. Users providedor enclosed copyright/trademark infringing materials as a part of the client necessities or the seller’s delivery.
  5. The user is not anylonger a lively Halal hire user as a result of terms of service violations or closure of their account.
  6. Delivered orders (after the vendorclicks deliver currently and before the order is marked as complete)
  7. The venderuses the delivery system to increase the delivery date to complete the requested service while not providing the ultimate delivered service to consumers.
  8. Note: multiple rumoredoffenses can lead to permanent suspension of your account.
  9. The venderdelivers no files and/or proof of labor associated with the specified order necessities.
  10. Note: judgmentof the materials in question is reviewed by our client support team.
  11. The venderrequests further payments, on or off the lovefiverr platform, by withholding the ultimate delivery of services directly associated with the united necessities.
  12. The venderis withholding the ultimate delivery of services for improved ratings.
  13. Buyers who abuse the request revisions button to realize a lot of services from sellers on the far side the united necessities.
  14. Buyers whothreaten to go away a dangerous review to realize a lot of services from the vendor not associated with the united necessities.
  15. Completed orders (after the order is marked as complete and before the fourteenday limitation)
  16. Users whoare rumored to use copyright/trademark infringing materials when verification and with proof.
  17. Buyers whodidn’t purchase industrial use rights and area unit rumored to possess used the materials commercially.
  18. Note: terms of economicuse is found on the seller’s gig page and can’t be retroactively enclosed once the order is completed for over fourteen
  19. lovefiverr client support canreview cases of order delivery manipulation that stops consumers and sellers from absolutely utilizing our resolution center that enabled the order to be marked as complete.


  • lovefiverr doesn’t mechanicallyrefund payments created for off orders back to your payment supplier. Funds from order cancellations area unit refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and area unit out there for future purchases on lovefiverr. Funds came to your balance from off orders won’t embody process fees paid.
  • Deposit refunds, once out there from the payment supplier, are often performed by our client support team. To stop fraud and abuse, we have a tendency to limit the entire quantity of times users will request a payment supplier refund from their account that is subject to review by our client support team. Such refunds could also be subject to a further If any process fees were side at the time of purchase to make a brand new order, the process fees from that payment won’t be refunded together with your deposit.

User conduct and protection
lovefiverr  allows folks round the world to form, share, sell and get nearly associate degree service they have at an unbeatable price. Services offered on lovefiverr mirror the variety of associate degree increasing gig economy. Members of the lovefiverr community communicate and interact through orders, social media, and on lovefiverr’s community forums.
lovefiverr maintains a friendly, community spirited, and skilled surroundings. Users ought to keep thereto spirit whereas taking part in any activity or extensions of lovefiverr. This section relates to the expected conduct users ought to adhere to whereas interacting with one another on
to report a violation of our terms of service, user delinquency, or inquiries concerning your account, please contacts our client support team here.


  • To shieldour users’ privacy, user identities are unbroken Requesting or providing email addresses, Skype /Imo usernames, phone numbers or the other personal contact details to speak outside of lovefiverr  so as to avoid or abuse the lovefiverr  electronic communication system or lovefiverr  platform isn’t allowable.
  • Any necessary exchange of non-publicdata needed to continue a service is also changed among the order page.
  • Lovefiverr  doesn’t offerany guarantee of the amount of service offered to consumers. You’ll use the dispute resolution tools provided to you within the order page.
  • Lovefiverr  doesn’t offerprotection for users move outside of the  lovefiverr platform.
  • All dataand file exchanges should be performed completely on lovefiverr’s platform.
  • Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages sent to users won’tbe tolerated and should end in associate account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.
  • Lovefiverr  marketplace is receptive everybody. Discrimination against a community member supported gender, race, age, non secular affiliation, sexual preference or otherwise isn’t acceptable and should end in the suspension/removal of your account.


  • Users with the intention to accusecompetitive sellers by ordering from competitive services can have their reviews removed or any account standing connected actions determined by review by our trust & safety team.
  • Users areto refrain from spamming or soliciting previous consumers or sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews or cancelling orders that don’t align on order cancellation or feedback policies.
  • lovefiverr reviews cases of payment supplierchargebacks and disputes on behalf of sellers. Though results vary per case as a result of every chargeback reason, we have a tendency to exerting on breakdown disputes within the seller’s favor. If the chargeback case permits, lovefiverr can come elements or full revenue back to sellers.


Users might report gigs to client support that will be in violation of lovefiverr’s terms of service supported the rumored gig’s replicated similarity to pre-existing services (copycat gigs).

  • lovefiverr can reply toclear and complete notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement. Our holding claims procedures are reviewed here.

Reporting violations

If you encounter any content that will violate our terms of service, you ought to report it to us through the acceptable channels created to handle those problems as printed in our terms of service. All cases are reviewed by our trust & safety team. To safeguard individual security, the results of the investigation don’t seem to be shared. You’ll be able to review our security policy for additional data.

users could receive a warning to their account for violations of our terms of service or any user misconduct rumored to our trust and safety team. A warning are sent to the user’s email address and can be displayed for such user on the positioning. Warnings don’t limit account activity, however will result in your account losing vender statuses or turning into for good disabled supported the severity of the violation.

Non-permitted usage
adult services & creation – lovefiverr doesn’t permit any exchange of adult homeward or sexy materials and services.
Inappropriate behavior & language – communication on lovefiverr ought to be friendly, constructive, and skilled. lovefiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. We have a tendency to permit users a medium that messages area unit changed between people, a system to rate orders, and to interact on larger platforms like our community forum and social media pages.
Phishing and spam – lovefiverr takes the matter its members’ security seriously. Any tries to publish or send malicious content with the intent to compromise another member’s account or laptop surroundings is strictly prohibited. Please respect our member’s security by not contacting them for business functions while not their consent.
security & identity – you’ll not publish or post different people’s personal and counsel. Any exchange of private data needed for the completion of a service should be provided within the order page. Sellers any ensure that no matter data they receive from the customer, that isn’t property right, shall not be used for any purpose some apart from for the delivery of the work to the customer. Any users interact and communicate off of lovefiverr won’t be protected by our terms of service.
Intellectual property claims – lovefiverr can answer clear and complete notices of alleged copyright or trademark infringement, and/or violation of third party’s terms of service. Our material possession claims procedures may be reviewed here.
Fraud / unlawful use – you’ll not use lovefiverr for any unlawful functions or to conduct illicit activities.
Abuse and spam
multiple accounts – to forestall fraud and abuse, user’s area unit restricted to 1 active account. Any further account determined to be created to avoid tips, promote competitive blessings, or mislead the lovefiverr community are disabled. Mass account creation might end in disabling of all connected accounts. Note: any violations to lovefiverr’s terms of service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.
Targeted abuse – we have a tendency to don’t tolerate users interact in targeted abuse or harassment towards different users on lovefiverr. This includes making new multiple accounts to harass members through our message or ordering system.
Selling accounts – you’ll not purchase or sell lovefiverr accounts.

General terms
§ lovefiverr reserves the correct to place any account on hold or for good disable accounts attributable to breach of those terms of service or attributable to any contraband or inappropriate use of the location or services.
§ Violation of lovefiverr’s terms of service could get your account disabled for good.
§ Users with disabled accounts won’t be able to sell or get on lovefiverr.
§ Users have profaned our terms of service and had their account disabled could contact our client support team for a lot of info close the violation and standing of the account.
§ Users have the choice to modify account safety features to safeguard their account from any unauthorized usage.
§ Users should be able to verify their account possession through client support by providing materials that prove possession of that account.
§ Sellers are able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts when a security amount of ninety days following full verification of possession of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to lovefiverr’s approval.
§ Disputes ought to be handled victimization lovefiverr’s dispute resolution tools (‘resolution center’ on the order page) or by contacting lovefiverr client support.
§ lovefiverr could create changes to its terms of service from time to time. Once these changes area unit created, lovefiverr can create a brand new copy of the terms of service on the market on this page.
§ You perceive and agree that if you utilize lovefiverr when the date on that the terms of service have modified, lovefiverr can treat your use as acceptance of the updated terms of service.

User generated content
user generated content refers to the content additional by users as critical content created by the positioning. All content uploaded to lovefiverr by our users (buyers and sellers) is user generated content. lovefiverr doesn’t check user uploaded/created content for appropriateness, violations of copyright, trademarks, different rights or violations. We tend to invite everybody to report violations in conjunction with proof of possession as applicable. Reportable violating content is also removed or disabled.

Furthermore, lovefiverr isn’t answerable for the content, quality or the extent of service provided by the sellers. We offer no warrant with reference to the gigs, their delivery, and any communications between consumers and sellers. We tend to encourage users to require advantage of our classification system, our community and customary sense in selecting applicable gigs service offers.
By giving a service, the vendor undertakes that he/she has spare permissions, rights and/or licenses to produce, sell or sell the service is obtainable on lovefiverr. Sellers advertising their gig on-line should befit laws and terms of service of the advertising platform or relevant web site won’t to advertise. Failing to try to therefore might lead to removal of the gig and should cause the suspension of seller’s account.
For specific terms associated with material possession rights associate degreed for news claims of infringement or trademark infringement – please see our material possession claims policy that forms an integral a part of these terms of service. Note that it’s our policy in applicable circumstances to disable and/or terminate the accounts of users are repeat infringers.

ownership and limitations: unless clearly expressed otherwise on the seller’s gig page/description, once the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the customer is granted all material possession rights, together with however not restricted to, copyrights for the work delivered from the vendor, and therefore the vender waives any and every one ethical rights in that. The delivered work shall be thought of work-for-hire beneath the bachelor of divinity copyright act. Within the event the delivered work doesn’t meet the necessities of work-for-hire or once bachelor of divinity copyright act doesn’t apply, the vendor expressly agrees to assign to client the copyright within the delivered work. All transfer and assignment of material possession to client shall be subject to full payment for the gig and therefore the delivery might not be used if payment is off for any reason. For removal of doubt, in custom created work (such as art work, style work, report generation etc.), the delivered work shall be the exclusive property of client, and venderassigns all rights, title and interest within the delivered work. Some gigs (including for custom created work) charge further payments (through gig extras) for an advertisement use license. This suggests that if you buy the gig for private use, you’ll own all rights you need for such use, and cannot want the industrial use license. If you plan to use it for any charge or different thought, or for any purpose that’s directly or indirectly in reference to any business, or different endeavor supposed for profit, you’ll got to obtain the industrial use license through a gig additional and can have broader rights that cowl your business use.
For vocalization gigs, once the work is delivered, and subject to payment, the customer is getting basic rights, (which suggests that the customer is paying a 1 time fee permitting them to use the work forever and for any purpose apart from commercials, radio, tv and web industrial spots). If you plan to use the vocalization to market a product and/or service (with the exception of paid promoting channels), you’ll got to purchase the industrial rights (buy-out) through gig additional. If you plan to use the vocalization in radio, TV and web commercials, you’ll get to purchase the total broadcast rights (buy-out) through gig additional. For more info on the kind of buy-outs, please browse below.
Sellers more make sure that no matter info they receive from the customer, that isn’t property right, shall be unbroken confidential and shall not be shared or used for any purpose some apart from for the delivery of the ordered work to the customer.
Furthermore, users (both patrons and sellers) agree that unless they expressly indicate otherwise, the content users voluntarily create/upload to lovefiverr, together with gig texts, photos, videos, usernames, user photos, user videos and the other info, together with the show of delivered work, could also be utilized by lovefiverr for no thought for promoting and/or different functions.

Voice over business buy-out
when getting a phonation gig, the vendor grants you a perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the purchased phonation (except for commercials, radio, TV and web business spots).
By getting an advertisement rights (buy-out) along with your order, additionally to the fundamental rights, the vendor grants you with a license to use the phonation for any company, promotional and non-broadcast functions. Corporate, promotional and non-broadcast functions means that any business connected use for the creation of, or to push a for-product profit or service (with the exception of paid promoting channels), like (by approach of example): explainer videos denote to company websites, social networks or email campaigns, audiobooks, podcast intros, and strictly excludes any extralegal, immoral or libelous purpose.
By getting a full broadcast rights (buy-out) along with your order, additionally to the business rights, the vendor grants you with a license for full broadcasting, which has web, radio, “paid channels” as well as (by approach of example): television commercials, radio commercials, web radio, and music/video streaming platforms, and strictly excludes any extralegal, immoral or libelous purpose.
This buy-out is subject to lovefiverr’s terms of service. There’s no pledge, specific or silent, with the acquisition of this delivery, as well as with relevance fitness for a specific purpose. Neither the vendor nor lovefiverr are going to be accountable for any claims, or incidental, important or different damages arising out of this license, the delivery or your use of the delivery.

Commercial use license
by getting a “commercial use license” together with your order, the vendor grants you a perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the purchased delivery for permissible business functions. All material possession rights of the purchased delivery area unit herewith appointed to you. “permitted business purposes” suggests that any business connected use, like (by approach of example) advertising, promotion, making web content, integration into product, computer code or alternative business connected tools etc., and strictly excludes any dirty, immoral or libelous purpose. This license is subject to lovefiverr’s terms of service. There’s no pledge, categorical or inexplicit, with the acquisition of this delivery, together with with relevance fitness for a selected purpose. Neither the vendor nor lovefiverr  are going to be responsible for any claims, or incidental, important or alternative damages arising out of this license, the delivery or your use of the delivery.

Disclaimer of warranties
your use of the location, its content and any services or things obtained through the web site is at your own risk. The site, its content associate in nursing any services or things obtained through the web site are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, with none warranties of any kind, either categorical or understood. Neither lovefiverr nor somebody related to lovefiverr makes any guarantee or illustration with relevancy the completeness, security, dependability, quality, accuracy or accessibility of the web site.
The preceding doesn’t have an effect on any warranties that can’t be excluded or restricted underneath applicable law.

Automatic translation
this service could contain translations power-driven by Google. Google disclaims all warranties associated with the translations, specific or understood, together with any warranties of accuracy, liableness, and any understood warranties of state, fitness for a selected purpose and no infringement.
The site has been translated for your convenience victimization translation software package power-driven by Google translate. Affordable efforts are created to produce a correct translation; however, no machine-controlled translation is ideal neither is it supposed to interchange human translators. Translations are provided as a service to users of the web site, and are provided “as is”. No pledge of any kind, either expressed or understood, is created on the accuracy, liableness, or correctness of any translations made up of English into the other language. Some content (such as pictures, videos, flash, etc.) Might not be accurately translated thanks to the restrictions of the interpretation software package.
The official text is that the English version of the web site. Any discrepancies or variations created within the translation don’t seem to be binding and don’t have any legal impact for compliance or social control functions. If any queries arise associated with the accuracy of the knowledge contained within the translated web site, please talk over with the English version of the web site that is that the official version.

Limitation on liability
in no event can lovefiverr , its affiliates or their licensors, service suppliers, employees, agents, officers or administrators be answerable for damages of any kind, underneath any legal theory, arising out of or in reference to your use, or inability to use, the web site, any websites joined thereto, any content on the web site or such alternative websites or any services or things obtained through the web site or such alternative websites, as well as any direct, indirect, special, incidental, important or amends, as well as however not restricted to, personal injury, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of business or anticipated savings, loss of use, loss of goodwill, loss of knowledge, and whether or not caused by acts reus (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, although predictable.
The preceding doesn’t have an effect on any liability that cannot be excluded or restricted underneath applicable law.